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2 weeks ago

Kennebec Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited, The Maine Council, and our Chapter have filed to intervene in the proposed 145 mile CMP corridor project.Read Trout Unlimited's petition to intervene on the NECEC Project, which was submitted earlier this month to the Maine DEP:


Petition Excerpt:

TU writes, " Consistent with our mission, TU’s primary concern will be the impacts of the project on habitat for cold water fish from construction and maintenance activities associated with the NECEC. These concerns extend along the full length of proposed new and upgraded transmission lines. The entire proposed route from the Canadian border in Beattie TWP to east of the Kennebec River crossing in Moxie Gore is documented habitat for native brook trout, as is most of the route from Moxie Gore to the Kennebec River crossing in Moscow. Other streams on the remainder of the route support wild brook trout. Portions of the route in Anson, Starks, Industry, Farmington, Wilton, Jay, and Chesterville are located in areas designated as critical habitat for endangered Atlantic salmon. The proposed route from Wiscasset to Windsor passes through areas designated as critical habitat for endangered Atlantic salmon in the Sheepscot River and its tributaries. The Sheepscot River and its tributaries in Alna, Whitefield and Windsor also contain wild brook trout populations.

The NECEC will cross 724 water bodies, including some of the most important brook trout spawning and rearing tributaries to the Dead and Kennebec rivers. Construction access roads will span 184 streams. A large amount of currently forested habitat will be cleared for construction, and much of this will be permanently converted to cleared corridors. Clearing and construction of access roads and tower foundations may cause sedimentation and other impacts on water quality. Maintained corridors in riparian areas will remove trees that provide shade and will likely raise stream temperatures. We will be advocating for protection of permanent forested buffers on all waterbodies crossed, approached, or paralleled by the NECEC, including intermittent headwater streams. CMP’s proposed 25-foot-wide buffer is not adequate.Geographic areas of particular concern include the ~50 miles of proposed new corridor from Beattie township to West Forks, which contains an especially dense concentration of wild brook trout habitat. In addition to concerns about impacts on streams, the route in this area passes very close to a number of ponds designated “State Heritage Fish Waters,” including Beattie Pond, Rock Pond, Iron Pond, Mountain Pond #2, Markham Pond, Little Wilson Hill Pond, and Wilson Hill Pond. We are also concerned about potential impacts of the line on endangered salmon and rare sea-run brook trout in the Sheepscot River and its tributaries".
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Perhaps this is a little late in the day to post this but in case you missed it in the Newsletter, there is no general membership meeting tonight. The meeting will be held Saturday at Evergreen Campground. Here's the text from the Newsletter:

Saturday May 19:
Our General and Directors meetings for May will be combined and will be held at Evergreens Campground, Solon Maine on the banks of the Kennebec River.
The directors meeting will be held between 9 am to 10 am and then we will have "A Day on the River" from 10 am to 4 pm.
Free fly tying, fly casting, fly fishing and lunch will be offered with experienced chapter members.
If you want to learn more about the sport of fly fishing or are a beginner this will be a great opportunity to participate.
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Come one – Come all – Bring a friend – Make new Friends

Come join us at 6:00
(bring a fly for the fly raffle)


KVCTU #355 Membership and meal purchase not required for attendance of any meetings or events – but membership is much appreciated!

email us at kvctu355@gmail.com

Chapter President: Dave Huntress
Chapter Vice-President: Open

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