Maine Sportsman’s Show Augusta – 2013

March 31, 2013 kvctu Education

Every year volunteers from our chapter travel to Augusta and take up residence in the Lincoln Room.  It’s not because their spouses threw them out it’s because they want to pass on their own interest and passion for the outdoors to a new generation of outdoor buffs.

To this end they take a spot at the tying table and welcome kids from 6 to 60 (occasionally some older some younger) showing them how to tie a fly they can use on their next outing.  However, even experienced tiers can get a helping hand if they wait a bit for one of the presentations.

Sam Kenny, Michael McCormick and James Mallory and gave presentations on tying and many in attendance picked up a trick or two.

Sam Kenney


Michael McCormick


James Mallory


Visitors Young and Old


Everyone has fun

fly tying

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