Salter Brook Trout – are they real

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Some people think they are. Click to open the inaugural issue of “The Salter” and take a look.




Here is an excerpt from the Newsletter:

The Salter will cover a variety of topics related to the protections and restoration of anadromous  brook trout. In this issue you will hear about the scientific research, partially funded by SRBTC, on Red Brook and Buttermilk Bay on Cape Cod that is focused on understanding the migration patterns
of salter brook trout. This work is uncovering how anadromous brook trout use our salt water estuaries as well as coastal streams. We also have an article by Prof. Andrew Whitely, a fisheries scientist from Umass who details his research on salters in Stanley Brook, ME. We’ll also tell you about some of the advocacy issues SRBTC is involved in on Martha’s Vineyard and Long Island including dam removal projects, river protection initiatives, and water quality protection efforts.

Educational initiatives to increase public awareness of the sea run brook trout life history are another aspect of our mission and this issue of The Salter features a story about the recent educational “A Day on the Carmans River” initiative on Long Island that SRBTC participated in.

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