2013 – Presque Isle Sportsman’s Show

April 6, 2013 kvctu EducationMembership

04/06/13 – Once again our volunteers have made the long run to Presque Isle (Boston is actually closer to Kennebec Valley than Presque Isle) and once again they say the trip is worth it. Perhaps one day Presque Isle will have its own Trout Unlimited Chapter but for now members make the trip up and promote cold water preservation and fisheries.

Good CrowdOne way they do that is to tie flies with young and old as you’ll see in the slide show.  They have been doing this long enough now to have established friendships with people up there.  So much so that if a Trout Unlimited Chapter is established up there I think some of our member will make the trip anyway.

Casting For RecoveryCasting for Recovery was also represented. Some of our volunteers do double duty 🙂

The first day was a rousing success and again our volunteers met welcoming people. I think there was even some talk about going back up that way to fish.  You too could be a volunteer and visit and talk with what may well become future fishing partners.  Step up and take part you’ll find it fun and rewarding.

Here are some photos from the first day.

Happy Girl

Happy Guy

 Any Age

Some of our Volunteers


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