Teaching 4-H’s fly tying

March 26, 2016 kvctu Uncategorized

Today, a group of students who are 4H members gathered in Skowhegan. They came from Solon, Jackman, Newport, Norrighwock and Skowhegan and Jim Thibodeau, David Nevedomsky and Willie Grenier taught them to tie flies. After a PowerPoint presentation of the Clean Water Act, the students had a chance to ask questions. Not just a chance to ask questions of someone who read about or studied the Clean Water Act. They got to ask questions of people who lived through the days BEFORE the Clean Water Act. There was a lot of fly tying and back and forth discussion which made for an interesting day. One topic of interest was how dams have and continue to affect the Kennebec River. Once again our Chapter Volunteers have earned out thanks for their continuing efforts to engage the youths of Maine in our outdoor wonderland.


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